Your Personal Biomechanical Expert in your Pocket.

"Very few people suddenly get injured. Your body will give us signals before the actual pain begins. This Assessment tool reads those signals to get ahead of the injury." - Courtney Hudson

We Fix the Why.

  • Why you are under performing.
  • Why you are not pain-free.
  • Why your current workout is not translating to results.

    The only absolute when it comes to training people and athletes is they are all different. We have designed a extensive head to toe screening process to find everything that makes a person unique. Using the results and the individuals goals we are able to: 

    • Design corrective exercise program to restore movement
    • Develop strength training protocols that eliminate weak areas and imbalances 
    • Work with their individual goals to improve performance

    Through years of testing athletes and program development, we can now bring our assessment process to your home through our mobile screening process. We have primarily worked with athletes. With our online assessment, we are now capable to help any body with a body over 12 years old.


    Our at Home Assessment Process is Very Simple. 


    1. Start by filling out the Pre-Screening Application. 
    2. Once our staff clears your application, you will select the training only option or training + nutrition option
    3. Once your profile is complete, you will receive a link to download our mobile app with your log in credentials. 
    4. Log in and follow the guided instructions on how to record your assessment. 
    5. Your scores will be available in seconds along with your exercise program. 
    6. You may begin your custom exercise program immediately.