Build your knowledge of adolescent development, program design, and the business of Softball Pitching Instructors. 

Softball Pitching Instructor Certification

Learn the specifics of the PEAK Model and how it applies to Softball Pitchers specifically. 

  • Build on the Youth Sports Instructor Certification

    Take what you have learned about developing your business and combine it with more knowledge about fastpitch softball pitching. 

  • Details of 16 Step Pitcher Development Process

    Learn the details of the 16 steps used in the PEAK model for developing Fastpitch Softball Pitchers. 

  • Multiple Case Studies

    View vides and apply your knowledge with five in-depth case studies. Learn exactly what to look for to adjust pitcher mechanics. 

  • Detailed Importance of Warm Up Routine

    All bad habits can be traced back to an improper warm up routine. Learn our theory on proper warm up routine to maximize performance.

  • Learn New Pitching Drills 

    Variety of drills do not make you a good instructor. Knowing how and when to use simple drills will get results faster. 


  • Community

    Also gain access to the Pitcher Instructor Group to collaborate and seek support from other Pitching Instructors. 

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Start studying to launch your business ahead with the Youth Sports Instructor Program. 


Are you a Softball Pitching Instructor?

Add the speciality certification to grow you knowledge for softball pitching. 

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Softball Pitching  + Youth Sports Instructor Certification

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Youth Sports Instructor Certification

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Youth Sports Instructor Certification 

Design and apply a process that gets the most out of your athletes and how to get your business to stand out. 

  • Develop Your Core Values

    In an unregulated industry, there are many instructors that are in this for the wrong reasons. Development of core values will set you apart. 

  • Professional Roles and Legal Responsibilities

    Find out how to thrive on the business side of teaching youth sports. Get information to navigate legal responsibilities.  

  • Business Plan Generator

    We walk you through the tough questions you need to answer to build a successful business training youth athletes. 

  • PEAK Model for Development

    Learn the philosophies of how to progress athletes as they master their sport through growth spurts and physical changes. 

  • Completely Customize the Model 

    This model works for skateboarding to baseball pitching. If you train youth athletes, this model will give you an outline to organize your process. 

  • Community

    As you study, our Study Assistance Feature will help you understand the material. Once certified, join our community of other certified instructors.