Prescriptive Exercise
No cookie cutter programs here.
100% customized to reach your goals faster. 

How It Works

Our at home assessment process is very simple. 

  1. Start by filling out the Pre-Screening Application 
  2. If you are accepted, you will select the plan right for you and as we build your profile in our system. 
  3. Once your profile is ready, you will receive a link to download our mobile device with your log in credentials. 
  4. Log In and follow the guided instructions on how to record you assessment. You will need someone to help align the camera properly for the assessment. 
  5. Your scores will be available in seconds along with your exercise program. 
  6. You may begin your custom exercise program immediately. 
Available Programs

Injury Prevention 

Upper and lower body extremities are evaluated as well as trunk stability. Our comprehensive scoring program highlights areas at risk and focuses exercise to eliminate the risks.
Athletic Performance

Athletes will get injury prevention screening and exercises based on their assessment. Our staff will adjust programs for sports specify demands. The goal is to build speed and power. 
Return To Play Readiness Check 

Post surgery, injury and rehab, we can bridge the gap between medical release and readiness to compete. We often see that areas that are injured get stronger through rehab, but other areas are ignored. The ignored areas can lead to more injuries or repeat of injuries. Using our program during rehab will maintain the non-injured areas and get you back to 100% faster. 
General Health and Well Being

Great to structuring your exercise routine to maintain pain free movement in your daily activities. Improve stamina and have more energy for improved quality of life. Not an athlete? No problem! Since our system is 100% customized to the individual, we can help everyone over 12 years old move and feel better. 


MLB pitcher, Kyle Wright, interview after his assessment with Courtney at the Engineered Performance Lab. 
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